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Your Culture & Passion

Your value proposition is important, this is what makes your agency stand out from the competition. If you do not have one or it needs some refining, we are more than happy to help. It is essentially the DNA of your agency.


We Are Clinical

A very crucial element in the process is the targeting. Who is it you want us to go after, the sector, the size, the job title are all important. We would need to sit down with you and go through your current database or advise on the options out there.


Knowing Your Prospects

In this day and age, simply making calls or sending random emails may not necessarily achieve the desired results. Whilst the ability to make calls is a valued asset, combining this with insights gets significantly better results. We are familiar with some fantastic resources for gaining insights.


A Stable Platform

We advise on the best CRM software for the purposes of database building/storage, reporting and the maintanence of pipeline building.


Results, Delivered

After considering the value proposition, targeting/strategy, insights and CRM Software. The next important phase is building the pipeline. In the first month we expect to unearth between one and two opportunities, month two, between two and three, thereafter this should steady to three or more qualified opportunities a month with key decision makers only.



MD & Head of Strategy - Creative Agency


"New Business needed? If you are looking for new opportunities to be identified, researched, approached and high quality leads set and business closed then Patrick is your man. Highly proficient, professional and a true gentleman. 
A dying breed - Patrick actually does what he says he will. He delivers. Consistently".

Business Development Director - Digital Agency

"I worked with Patrick on several new business lead generation campaigns and he was always professional, courteous and more importantly, delivered results. He quickly understood our value proposition and was able to adapt it and his approach to secure well qualified meetings with prospective clients, not an easy thing to do with an offering as complex as ours. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Patrick for business development services".

Head of Digital Strategy - Digital Agency

"I am more than happy to recommend Patrick. Patrick was a part of our New Business team as a New Business Development Director, making appointments to a pre-set brief determined by company size and turn over. During my time working with him appointments were set with a number of decision makers within large organisations that were certainly on brief. Patrick had an uncanny ability to forge a rapport with those people he was contacting in order to secure a meeting. In several cases I would give Patrick contacts of mine I had been unable to arrange appointments with or make progress with and he would succeed where I had failed. 
Patrick is highly professional and a genuinely nice guy to work with. I would happily work with him again in the future".



Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your business forward. As a New Business Development Agency, we know how to help you and your business grow and flourish. All you’ve got to do is call!


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About Us

Booster is a London based new business agency with the primary goal of providing creative, communications and digital agencies with a unparalleled bespoke service, which ultimately leads to the winning of new business opportunities in an already competitive space.

What makes us different:

There are thousands of marketing services agencies scattered the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, it becomes paramount that your agency stands out amongst the rest, we help you define who and how you should be targeting new prospects and more importantly being relevant to them.


We therefore believe that your passion, culture and offering is what will help us help you win those new opportunities, so it is essential we feel that too.